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Filling Out Your Profile

Your profile can be found in your dashboard, on the left-hand side under settings. Here you will have the chance to input the following information:

  • Avatar – Here you can upload either a picture of yourself or some sort of depiction which you would like to represent you.
  • Banner Image – Select a banner which you feel will best represent you and you page.
  • Name – Please insert your name here.
  • Alias – You can choose an alias that you would like users to see when viewing your content.
  • Location – If you like, here you can enter the city, region or country where you reside.
  • Time Zone – Setting the time zone which you live, will help set the calling and webinar settings for your account.
  • About yourself – Here you can share any facts about yourself that you would like people to know.
  • Personal Website – URLs linking to your personal website will help provide users with access to additional information that support the content you are providing to your audience.
  • Social Media links – Links to your social media accounts to help provide support to who you are.

Be sure to hit save in each of the sections as you fill them out to ensure your profile is updated.

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